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With over 25 years in the transport market, the Director brings with him the experience of the industry. Has a direct participation with all sectors of the company, always with the concern to serve you better and better. During those years, your goal has always been achieved, which is to have a highly professional team and sure to have excellent clients like you.

  • Over 25 Years of Experience.
  • More than 16 thousand Customer Service
  • Over 92% of customer satisfaction
  • Quality, Safety and Punctuality!
59587 Customer Service
26 Years of experience
19115 Customers
93.2% Satisfaction



Specialists in transport of medicines and supplies of special control with security and pharmacist working full-time giving the necessary orientations.


We have the certificate with all the necessary conditions to transport cosmetics. We transport to any destination in Brazil safely. Contact us!

Perfumery and Hygiene

We are Licensed and have total condition to make the transport in the area of perfumery and we can also transport all the products related to individual or collective hygiene.


We are able to transport health equipment and materials or devices, materials or accessories whose use or application is linked to the defense and protection of individual or collective health.


The Sanitary Surveillance acts in the supervision of the companies transporting sanitizers according to the laws that are established by Anvisa, where we are 100% fit.


Licensed to transport medicines with experience in the whole national territory acting with all efficiency, safety, quality and speed in the collections and deliveries.

Pharmaceutical Supplies

Expertise in the transport of chemical substances or their complements which are used in the production of various types of medicines on the market with an appropriate license.

Special Medicines

We are specialists when it comes to the cautious and differentiated transport of the special medicines that requires all the necessary care and attention due to their handling requirements.

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